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I happened to be in Auckland recently, I didn't wear a bandana or a check shirt and blue denim, but I thought Bruce Springsteen did more than enough to show he is the boss.

While enjoying a weekend where Auckland’s '4 seasons in one day' thankfully did not show, I thought I would get out and go for a run on my old hunting ground from a previous career with Glenfield based 3M....Milford, Lake Pupuke and Takapuna Beach. 

What struck me on the run was the lack of eye contact from fellow runners and walkers, and most importantly the almost non-existent 'hello', 'gidday' or 'good morning'.

It seems to me the bigger the 'village' we live in the more people start to lessen basic communication. The subways of New York and London are notorious, but this was my first true exposure in New Zealand. We say Wellington is 'the world’s biggest village', and Auckland 'a collection of villages' the later no longer true? There is a vastly different cultural make-up on the North Shore compared to Wellington, but I negate that as an excuse for two reasons.... a hello or acknowledgement is easy, and universal and crosses all languages. Secondly, a clear majority of the runners simply did not instigate a hello, or respond to one.

Authenticity is critical in life; the art of a natural and genuine welcome is a key scene-setter in how an interview progresses. And let's face it, the world is simply a better place when people acknowledge each other proactively.

My run reminded me that increasingly a large set of people are losing the art of an authentic hello, kia-ora, dia dhuit or a konnichiwa…. and the eye contact that goes with it. This makes a huge difference in so many interviews. 

So, let's keep saying hello...


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